The IceFighter – the revolution

This is how economically ice is combated today!

Saving 75% costs, while still preventing fine dust and reducing environmental pollution – is possible with the Eco IceFighter technology. You earn the investment cost for the IceFighter within a few winter operations only by the reduction of de-icing salt or grit. Further savings are not yet considered here, such as additional driving stretches until refuelling – and therefore less empty runs; no brushing costs of gritting materials; users report greatly reduced corrosive damage to vehicles, etc. The IceFighter is used not only in winter but also in other seasons, for watering plants, washing and cleaning. By using a high pressure pump (180 bars), you have a movable high pressure cleaner and are no longer dependent on electricity and water supply.

Advantages of de-icing with the ECO IceFighter as compared to dry salt / grit and so on:

  • Immediate effect: With salt brine, the defrosting effect sets in immediately, whereas with normal salt scattering, a chemical reaction of salt with the moisture must first take place.
    Adhesion of the grit: The brine immediately adheres to the surface on which it is scattered (e.g. roadway) and cannot be blown away by the air stream of passing vehicles.
  • Environment friendly: Compared to conventional scattering techniques, salt-saving up to 75 per cent can be achieved with this new scattering technology; this will also pollute the environment much lesser.
  • Economic feasibility: Due to enormous salt saving, not only will the cost of scattering material be reduced, but also the cost of scattering work will be reduced, since much longer operating distances can be travelled, thereby increasing the capacity 3-4-fold. The brushing of blunting scattering agents (gravels, granules, sand, etc.) is omitted completely, thus reducing further the cost of maintenance care.
  • No recycling costs: Gravels, granules, sand, etc. must be washed after sweeping up before they deposit. The washing residues are hazardous waste and must be disposed.
    No fine particle pollution - no health harzards: As compared to blunting scattering medium, this scattering method has the advantage that particulate pollution is greatly reduced.
  • Less Damage – to cars (windshields, paint, etc.) and buildings (blocked channels by grit, no increase in height of side strips, etc.)

Increase in mobility and road safety!